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Riverfront Ventures is a venture capital firm investing in early-stage high-growth companies with a regional focus on southwestern PA.

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We focus on technology companies with large market potential and founding teams with the energy, passion, and experience to build great businesses. We are the for-profit arm of Innovation Works, one of the most active seed stage investors in the country and home to four top-rated accelerators.

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We're leveraging private funding to support Pittsburgh-grown tech companies beyond the seed stage.



We provide our companies with a suite of support services through our partnership with Innovation Works that enables them to reach lucrative exits.


Team Members

We have decades of combined experience and hundreds of investments under our belts, making us the right team to take your company to the next level.

Notable Exits

Leading cybersecurity firm Proofpoint Inc. acquired Wombat Security Technologies for $225 million at the beginning of 2018. Wombat’s exit was a big win for Pittsburgh’s cybersecurity industry and is one of the top exits to come out of technology launched at Carnegie Mellon University in recent years. "You always have high expectations when you start a company, but there's nothing more rewarding than to see the results of your research having an impact on this scale. Our research at CMU has effectively created an entirely new segment in the cybersecurity industry, one that focuses on the human element," said Norman Sadeh, professor of computer science and chairman and chief scientist of Wombat, at the time of the acquisition. Proofpoint has retained a Pittsburgh office since the acquisition.

JazzHR was acquired by Jobvite for $ 175 million in 2021 in a leveraged buyout deal with K1 Investment Management as a financial sponsor. Another job recruitment platform, NXTThing RPO, was also included in the deal, to form a new combined company called Employ. Pete Lamson, the former CEO of JazzHR, took charge as CEO of the new firm. At the time, he said “Through our combined businesses, we are unparalleled in markets we cover, with purpose-built and data-driven solutions ranging from SMB to enterprise. We are the only talent acquisition provider to offer discrete SMBand enterprise-grade technology solutions and couple both with industry-leading recruitment services. Whatever the customer size, budget, technology, or service level required, Jobvite, JazzHR, and NXTThing RPO have the solutions our markets need.”

Voci Technologies, a speech recognition technology firm, was acquired by experience management software company Medallia (NS: MDLA) for $59.6 million in 2020. “Our whole company is delighted to be joining forces with experience management leaderMedallia. We are thrilled that Voci’s powerful speech-to-text capabilities will become part of Medallia Experience Cloud,” said Mike Coney, former CEO of Voci, at the time of the acquisition. “The consolidation of all contact center signals with video, survey, and other critical feedback is a game changer for the industry.”

RE2 Robotics, a developer of intelligent mobile manipulation systems, was acquired at the beginning of 2022 by SarcosTechnology and Robotics Corporation (NASDAQ: STRC and STRCW) for $100 million.“The RE2 team is looking forward to joining Sarcos and accelerating the development and adoption of intelligent robotic systems,” said Jorgen Pedersen, former President, and CEO, RE2, said at the time. “Across the globe, robotic technologies are changing the way workers perform complex, often dangerous tasks, particularly during a time of widespread skilled labor shortages. By combining our organizations, Sarcos can now offer a variety of robotics solutions to a broader customer base.”

IRALOGIX completed a Series C raise of $22million in 2022, led by a number of financial technology-focused investors.“The added funding will help us expand faster and serve an even greater number of leading financial services companies more effectively than ever before. This capital raise is a testament to our mission to drive real change across the industry..." David Bernard, IRALOGIX's Chairman, and CEO said at the time.

Gridwise completed a series A raise of $12.7 million in 2022, led by Crosslink Capital and supported by a number of Southwestern PA-focused funds. "Partnering with top-tiermobility, finance, and gig economy investors to scale our data capabilities will further empower not only workers but also enterprises across 19 industries that we've already validated. We've brought to market the first ground truth accessible gig mobility insights that can enable enterprises and cities to improve their operational planning, inform go-to-market, fairly compensate workers and offer better site selection," said Gridwise co-founder and CEO Rya Green at the time. "Gridwise Analytics further enables us to execute our mission of improving the way people and goods move in cities by providing first-party insight into that gig mobility activity at a time when this data has been completely inaccessible."


We are here to grow Pittsburgh's early-stage startups to the next level

We do this by providing funding to companies with a significant footprint in Pittsburgh that can increase local jobs and attract global talent to the region.


We invest in our companies with more than just money.

Our ties to Innovation Works and others in the local startup ecosystem mean that we have a suite of support services and helpful connections at our fingertips. An investment with us is the beginning of access to our network of domain experts, serial entrepreneurs, potential customers, and more.


We envision a strong local economy centered around tech.

A return on our investment means more than just a successful exit to us. We want our portfolio companies to give back to Pittsburgh in a big way, by creating job opportunities, leveraging local talent, and putting the city on the map as a tech hub.

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